New Landscapes ___ incredible adventures in music with special friends and great musicians

Calicanto ___ i have been playing for 20 years with Calicanto, so far. An ensemble with 40 years of activities, concerts, publications, events, and whatever connected with traditional culture and music

Sergio Marchesini ___ special friend, composer, musician, software developer with whom I share many different projects in music, theatre, sonification and beyond

D20 ART LAB ___ is technology, coding, design, arts. Born thanks to a series of projects by Dipartimento di Management of Università Ca’ Foscari – Venezia, it is a creative entity that blends ideas and skills of video makers, composers, sound artists, developers.

Tartini Glitch ___ duo with my friend Tommaso Luison

2Grains ___ duo with my friend Attilio Pisarri

Segno e Suono ___ When music meets japanese calligraphy. Francesco Ganassin and Carlo Buffa. Clarinet and Brush. Sound and ink.

Minim ___ duo with my friend Fabrizio Saiu

Github __ my Github

Instagram __ my Instagram

YouTube __ my YouTube (Ear Training stuff)