New Landscapes

this is my quartet, an incredible experience of adventures in music with special friends and great musicians


i have been playing for 20 years with Calicanto, so far. An ensemble with 40 years of activities, concerts, publications, events, and whatever connected with traditional culture and music

Tartini Glitch

duo with my friend Tommaso Luison


duo with my friend Attilio Pisarri

Sergio Marchesini

special friend, composer, musician, software developer with whom I share many different projects in music, theatre, sonification and beyond

Segno e Suono

When music meets japanese calligraphy. Francesco Ganassin and Carlo Buffa. Clarinet and Brush. Sound and ink.


duo with my friend Fabrizio Saiu


D20 ART LAB is technology, coding, design, arts. Born thanks to a series of projects by Dipartimento di Management of Università Ca’ Foscari – Venezia, it is a creative entity that blends ideas and skills of video makers, composers, sound artists, developers.