What an incredible news!
Sound-Way, my proposal, was selected for the Arduino and K-Way project competition.
The call asked to imagine the possibilities generated by integrating advanced AI and sensors into the most iconic jacket of all time.
I imagined a sound.


I’ve been in a stellar bunch of improvisors for the if2022 Festival (Canada). I’ve presented a long video of my solo Stormire, featuring a tapelooper/synth I coded on PureData and packed in Bela platform, a drone app I coded on faustDSP and packed on my mobile phone, Borderlands_granular synth on ipad, and of course my clarinet and my bass clarinet.

International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation explores musical improvisation as a crucial model for political, cultural, & ethical dialogue and action.

Ca’ della Vigna

I’ve presented my book Abbecedario Sonoro and exhibited for a couple of weeks a bunch of sonic installations in the beautiful area of Ca’ della Vigna in Selvazzano (PD).

We are on Bela Blog!

It’s great to see our work featured on Bela blog! Many details about Stramare Sound Machines and other projects on Bela [ HERE ]

Tamburo Lunatico

An embryonic new work : Tamburo Lunatico. It’s a Bela Mini [link] powered, Trill Craft [link] equipped and Pure Data [link] coded instrument, born to be played in a theatrical rendition of Il segreto del bosco vecchio by Dino Buzzati, and now becoming a standalone instrument.

Stramare Sound Machines

I am sincerely proud of what we finally presented in Stramare – Segusino (TV) last week end, after a few months of work and research. And when I say “we” I’m talking about Sergio Marchesini, Vilson Luari and me, as part of D20 Art Lab [link], for La Giusta Distanza Festival, directed by Mirko Artuso.


I finally managed to compile for ZYNTHIAN [link] a synth coded with FAUST [link]. Not to forget how I did it, I thought it could be useful something like a memo. Not exactly a tutorial, since I think these kind of things could be of course done in a more correct way. Just a memo.

Here is the .pdf of ‘The tale of Faust and Zynthian’ [download pdf]